About us

The company, which primarily performs design and general contracting tasks, was formed from a design office with a long history and is not a successor company. It was established in 1989 as a private limited company. Since its creation, the firm has been working continuously, without credit, in the field of design and general contracting of new buildings, as well as technical supervision and management.

KondiCAD Engineering was founded in 1989 by 9 highly experienced civil engineers. They have partnered with each other to prepare designs requiring a large number of designers, in order to provide complex design services (engineering services from preparation to technical delivery of the project) in addition to the domestic design practice, in line with international practice.

A further stated ambition of the constantly evolving Company was to establish a specialised design office that:

  • to become a leading player in the domestic building services engineering design industry in recognition of its high quality design work,
  • to participate in cooperative solutions for European tasks, seeking international contacts,
  • continuously improving its design techniques by using new design software,
  • consciously trains its own replacements

in order to maintain and continuously expand the firm’s client base and to make it the leading design practice in the region for generations.

Today, we employ more than 30 people, the vast majority of whom are engineers with a university degree.

Our design principle is to create, in continuous consultation with the client, a technical design that can be delivered on time, within budget and to the quality expected. If commissioned, we ensure these expectations are met by providing complex project management.

As a building services engineering and electrical engineering design office, our philosophy is to ensure that the systems we design are not only good, but also harmonious with the function and aesthetics of the facility.

We have extensive general design (mostly architectural) expertise, but we also undertake general design and complex disciplinary coordination ourselves, depending on the task.

We pay particular attention to sustainability in our designs and to the overall energy-conscious protection of our environment.

Involvement in dual engineering training, Diploma theses, Thesis writing and topic management, Training and employment of trainee civil engineers.


  • Lenovo Thinkstation workstations
  • Autodesk software (Revit, AutoCAD, Navisworks…)
  • Bentley Microstation (TriCAD, Carf)
  • MH Software

Organisational structure

The diagram below shows how our company is structured.

  • 65-75

  • 45-55

  • 35-45

  • 25-35

  • 18-25



Százalékos eloszlás

Age group diagram

Our age group chart shows the average age of our employees.


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