BIM (Building Information Modeling)

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is an innovative way to link different disciplinary design teams, workflows and data to achieve optimised working methods and outcomes throughout the project lifecycle.

The design is now done in a 3D computer model, in which, unlike the previous CAD technique, the objects are no longer just graphical, but have additional characteristics that are essential for the design (manufacturer, type, price, hydraulic and performance data, etc.), which can be used for hydraulic sizing, accurate material inventory and cost estimation.

A common platform between disciplines allows immediate tracking and commenting of changes made during modelling.

It is possible to further increase the dimensions:

  • 4D BIM – prepare schedules based on 3D models and follow them during construction.
  • 5D BIM – preparing a budget and monitoring the budget throughout the project
  • 6D BIM – Building maintenance support, with information collected during operation to keep the existing building database up to date and accessible to all stakeholders. The data can be used for future renovations or refurbishments.

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